Wiping for Dummies – How to Properly Wipe After Going to the Bathroom

Wiping for Dummies – How to Properly Wipe After Going to the Bathroom
Wiping for Dummies – How to Properly Wipe After Going to the Bathroom

An interesting thing happens when you type “how to properly wipe” into the Google search bar. It is followed by the words “after pooping.” You would think that this would be something most people would already know how to do. However, we think this reflects a more common problem than most people care to admit. Further still, we think the problem is not with the user but with the tool. That is, cleaning oneself with toilet paper is neither hygienic nor effective.

Not only is proper toilet wiping a common Google search item, but many lifestyle publications are tackling the topic as well. While some of these articles are humorous (after all, it is potty humor!), they also address the real problem many people face when trying to clean themselves effectively.

So, maybe the question shouldn’t be: how does one properly wipe after going to the bathroom? Perhaps the real question is: how can you feel “shower-clean” after going to the bathroom? The answer is simple: use water! For less than $100 and 15 minutes of your time, you can install one of our Superior Bidet attachments and use the gentle cleaning action of water to completely transform your daily toilet hygiene. Once you use our product once, we are 100% convinced you will never go back to wiping! We’re so sure of this that if you purchase one of our models and are not 100% satisfied, you can return your bidet for a full refund – no questions asked! So join the “never-wipe-again” revolution and experience the clean that only a Superior Bidet can deliver!

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