The Advantages of a Bidet for the Elderly

The Advantages of a Bidet for the Elderly
The Advantages of a Bidet for the Elderly

Personal hygiene is important yet can be difficult to support in old age. Physical limitations caused by muscular deterioration and reduction in flexibility are fairly common. Senior citizens may suffer from arthritis, decreased bone density and chaffed skin, making it difficult to cleanse after using the bathroom. Bidets are a godsend to senior citizens seeking easier and better hygiene health. Bidets require little dexterity to use yet deliver better results than toilet paper. The use of water to cleanse also yields potential benefits for a variety of health issues such as hemorrhoids, diarrhea and incontinence.

The passage of time generates wear and tear on human skin. As such, seniors are more likely to develop hemorrhoids as a result of constipation and are more vulnerable to irritation especially in bathroom use. Microtears from toilet paper use is common in many individuals but the elderly are even more vulnerable due to the higher sensitivity of their skin. Bidets are an effective alternative to the traditional use of paper; which can cause breaks in the skin and increased swelling. Diarrhea is another typical complaint raised by many seniors. Bidets can help alleviate this problem by reducing the need to wipe and by offering a soothing, heated stream of water to cleanse these easily inflamed areas.

Arthritis affects the majority of the elderly population and can be relieved by using special models of bidets, such as; the Superior Bidet Supreme; which includes a warm-water feature. This unique model has the capability of altering the direction, force and temperature of the water, as well as, adjusting the temperature of the bidet’s seat by using the convenient three-button remote. Another model, the Swash 300, gives the user the ability of changing the seat and water temperatures to suit the every preference.
One major area of discomfort afflicting elderly women in particular is incontinence. It can be exceptionally embarrassing but also potentially harmful to women’s health if the urine has not been thoroughly removed from the genitals, as it can lead to bacterial infections. Bidets provide an effective and refreshing solution to this common gender-related issue. The Superior Bidet Supreme is an excellent choice for women, since it features a specialized option for feminine cleansing.

Restricted movement is an especially concerning dilemma for the elderly and in many cases requires personal aid for assistance in cleaning. The use of paper products for wiping can damage the sensitive skin of the elderly. Bidets can help alleviate the pain and limited range of motion involved in the cleansing process. The bidet is equipped with controls that make it safer and easier for senior citizens to maintain their independence and cleanliness. This allows them to use the bidet’s gentle water flow to meet their personal hygiene needs, instead of relying on someone else to physically scrub and bathe the genital and anal area. A new sense of self-confidence and dignity can therefore be restored with this useful device.

Bidets come in a wide variety of styles and models to suit any and all of the aforementioned medical treatments and conditions for the elderly. Once the consumer has experienced the comfort and numerous benefits of this convenient, reliable and effective product, then they will never want to rely on paper as the product of choice again.

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