Supreme Bidet


USD 129.99 USD 89.99

This is our most popular bidet toilet attachment for a reason! Our SUPREME model has an attractive, sleek design and all the features you’ll need to leave your tushy feeling washed and wonderful. Adjustable dual nozzles will leave both the gents and the ladies feeling nice and clean. All of our bidet attachments connect to your existing water supply making them extremely easy to install. In less than ten minutes you can turn your existing toilet into a bidet. What a beauty!


Product Description

Key Features: Superior Bidet Supreme (SB 221) Fresh & Warm Water Adjustable Nozzle Bidet

  • Adjustable dual nozzles enable rear and feminine washing – all body types and shapes welcome!
  • Discreet retractable nozzle
  • Adjustable water temperature – easy installation to cold & hot water connections
  • Easy installation using existing water supply and toilet seat components – all you need is a hammer and screwdriver, we give you everything else
  • Self-cleaning feature flushes nozzle with fresh water
  • Ergonomically-designed control panel with attractive, chrome-finished dials that seamlessly adjust the water pressure
  • High quality components including ceramic core internal valve – no leaks and safer operation
Click here to download the Superior Bidet 221 Manual


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