Superior Bidet: Introducing A New Device For Toilet Hygiene!
Imagine never having to wipe again… forget the messiness and hassle of using toilet paper! Our Superior Bidet will leave you feeling “shower clean” after every toilet visit.

How do you ask?
By using our bidets, which are personal hygiene devices that easily attach to your toilet, you can now use the gentle, cleansing power of water to take care of the dirty work. It is the only method that is guaranteed to give you a spotless out-of-the shower feeling.

That is why our motto from day one has been to “stop wiping and start drying!!”

What makes Superior Bidet different?

1. Will It Break The Bank? Most bidets are very expensive with newer electric models costing upwards of $500. We’ve worked closely with our designers and engineers to create an elegant device that has all the essential elements needed to give you the best toilet hygiene experience. None of our bidets use electricity and all of them are priced way below $100!

2. Experience Hygiene Like Never Before… What if you could feel shower clean after every trip to the toilet? By cleaning with a bidet instead of messy, harsh toilet paper, you can feel more clean and avoid the potential discomfort and irritability caused by micro-cuts caused by many types of toilet paper!

3. No Need For Remodeling… Avoid having to hire a plumber to reconfigure your bathroom. Superior Bidets install in minutes and are designed for a Do It Yourself (DIY) installation. The device simply attaches to your existing toilet converting your toilet into a Bidet!

Embrace The New Clean!