1) What is a bidet attachment?
A bidet attachment is a personal hygiene device that easily attaches to your toilet that uses a stream of water instead of toilet paper to take care of the dirty work. This technology virtually eliminates the need to ever have to wipe again and is much more hygienic than the messiness of toilet paper.

2) Why a Superior Bidet?

Our Bidets are differentiated in the following ways:

1. We make the most attractive looking products. Our designs are inspired by feedback we received from bidet users who were displeased with what was already being offered.

2. All of our bidets include a Nozzle Cleaning Function, giving our customers more value for the same price as others.

3. All of our models have adjustable nozzles, making our bidets adaptable to any body type.

4. We are certain that you will love our products, just in case you don’t…We stand by our product by extending a 30 day hassle free, money back guarantee…

5. Lastly, none of our models use electricity or batteries making our bidets much more reliable and easier to install and operate!

3) Do I need extra space in the bathroom?

No, the best thing about our Superior Bidets is that they attach to your existing toilet. This allows you to convert your toilet into a bidet!

4) Can the Bidet help you save on toilet paper?

Absolutely! By using our bidets you can cut down your toilet paper consumption by 75-100%!! Because you are using water to clean yourself you would only need toilet paper after to dry off.

5) Is it easy to install?

Yes! All of our models are DIY (Do It Yourself) installation meaning that they can be installed in minutes.

6) Is everything I need to install included in the box?

Other than the contents of the box, you will need:

1. A wrench

2. A screwdriver

7) Will it work with my toilet?

Superior Bidets were made to fit most toilets. There are a small number of one-piece toilets that might not fit the bidet properly. Test it out and see!!

8) Are bidets safe to use?

Absolutely! Not only are they safe to use, bidets provide a tremendous amount of health and hygiene benefits!

9) Can children use the bidets?

Yes! Not only can children benefit from bidets but parents are also potty training their kids with bidets by sitting them on the toilet and letting the bidet flush away the mess.

10) Who can benefit from using a Superior Bidet?

Everyone can benefit from using a Bidet! Bidets are ideal for:

• People who seek hygiene before and after sexual intercourse
• Women who need a quick way to freshen up during their monthly menstrual periods
• People who are recovering from surgery
• Pre and Post Natal women who have dexterity or other problems that limit their range of motion
• People with various medical conditions that affect the rectal or genital areas (i.e. Hemorrhoids, Urinary Tract Infections, Fissures, etc.)

In short, there are an infinite amount of reasons to use a Superior Bidet!

11) How do I clean my bidet?

When it comes to cleaning your Bidet, we recommend the following:

• Turning on the Nozzle Cleaning Function on your Superior Bidet after every use; don’t forget to turn it off rightafter. (Daily)
• Occasionally wipe down the Bidet with a soft rag & a Non-Toxic bathroom cleaning solution. (Weekly)

12) Can I take it with me if I move to another home?

Absolutely! Superior Bidets are as easy to remove, as they are to install making it simple and convenient to move to your new home.

13) Does the bidet come with a warranty?

All of our bidets come with a 1-Year Limited Warranty. Our bidets have been tested thoroughly therefore, defects are rare. If you have any questions or concerns, please Contact Us.

14) What is Superior Bidets return policy?

Superior Bidet offers a 30-day, hassle free, money back guarantee. Simply begin the return process by contacting us via email or phone and we will gladly begin the refund process.