Bidets During Pregnancy, How Do I Love Thee! Let Me Count the Ways

Bidets During Pregnancy, How Do I Love Thee! Let Me Count the Ways
Bidets During Pregnancy, How Do I Love Thee! Let Me Count the Ways

The Bidet is an excellent ally in daily personal hygiene for people of all ages and walks of life. Most bathrooms do not have standalone bidets however there are toilet attachable bidets which offer the same benefits for a fraction of the price. Installation is straightforward and does not require specialized knowledge or tools. Your attachable bidet can be fully operational and ready for use in under 20 minutes.

Never does a bidet provide more relief or cleanliness than during pregnancy. Bidets thoroughly cleanse body parts associated with urination and defecation. Many women also develop hemorrhoids during pregnancy, which can cause painful discomfort due to the enlargement of the perineum. With the ability to control water pressure and temperature, pregnant women can adjust the bidet to provide the most soothing, comfortable experience possible.

During the later stages of pregnancy, as the womb expands, it becomes increasingly difficult to twist and flex in order to wipe following a bowel movement. Attachable bidets eliminate the need to maneuver as the positioning of the nozzle easily targets the affected area removing any fecal matter all while sitting in a normal, confortable position on the toilet. Additionally, bidets with dual nozzles such as Superior Bidet’s Supreme model easily remove excess vaginal discharge and urine with the turn of a dial.

The bidet’s usefulness does not end during pregnancy, as its benefits continue into postpartum. Bleeding and discharge commonly experienced during recovery can effectively be cleaned through daily bidet use. The genital region, which can become tender after delivery either through natural or cesarean births, can be relieved by the gentle washing action of the bidet. Bidets can also eliminate the need for paper products that can contribute to even more inflammation and pain. From pregnancy through motherhood, bidets offer sanitary and therapeutic benefits unmatched by any other product available to expecting and new mothers.

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