Our Superior Bidet is the best household investment ever!

Amanda P.

This thing works perfectly! Don’t waste your time or money on anything else; this is the one to buy. Awesome product!

Martin B.

Hello clean bottom! I bought this for my wife’s use as she has had colorectal surgery from ulcerative colitis. This little unit will be a blessing… And, guess what? I LOVE IT, TOO! Makes a fella feel so fresh! Woo-hoo!

John B.

Simple and awesome. Absolutely AMAZING! Super easy to set up and worth every penny and then some. The only need for toilet paper is to dry yourself! You’ll never feel so clean in your life. A true game changer.

John L.

This is an excellent item, highly recommended for every household. Absolutely love it. It surpassed all my expectations. My wife loves it as well.

Boris G.

Why is this not just standard on every toilet? Works great and easy to install. The hot water feature is a MUST have. Ordering another one for the second bathroom.

Roy L.

I am so amazed about at how easy the set up was. It literally took minutes. I bought one first and installed it. I used it for a month and was so pleased I purchased 2 more to install in every bathroom in my home!

Kimhoa N.

Outstanding product for the price. After only a couple months using it, going on vacation and using a hotel bathroom without one felt barbaric, like squatting in the woods and wiping with pine needles. It works as advertised! Truly it is the bidet that separates us from the animals.

John B.

This is a fabulous product. Why didn’t I have this before? I have never felt so clean. I was never happy with just toilet paper & have been spending a small fortune on wipes for years. Now one wipe is all I need.

Julie L.

Great product! Keeps it clean where it counts.

Frederick G.

Great product.  Bought this as a Christmas gift for my husband. It was exactly what he was looking for and is very happy with it.

Christina R.

I was totally skeptical before using this, but once My Honey installed it for me (took 20 min), I was so happy.  Now I will not have to get in the shower for clean girl parts! Every toilet should have one of these.

Kelly F.

This thing works perfectly! Don’t waste your time or money on anything else; this is the one to buy.  Awesome product!

Martin B.

I recommend it for everyone. I’m 77 and I needed it. The savings on toilet paper is reason enough.

Katherine G.

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