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We are looking to partner with affiliates to create a lasting, profitable relationship while helping Superior Bidet promote its brand and growing product line through the Superior Bidet Affiliate Program.

Superior Bidet distributes the most complete and elegant suite of bidet attachments in the market.  We are expanding our selection to offer customers a wider array of products to help them improve their most important hygiene needs.  Our products can be enjoyed by all people and are particularly sought after by pregnant women, new moms, retirees, foreign-born North Americans from cultures with water-based toilet hygiene[1] and people with digestive system issues. We feature exclusive sales at up to 70% off and free shipping on all of our orders.

Superior Bidet offers:

  • Dedicated in-house management team to assist you with registration, product linking and content creation
  • Easy sign-up, reliable tracking, and timely payment through ShareASale
  • Commission earnings starting at 11% with potential for bonus payments depending on sales performance
  • An average order price of more than $75
  • Sales and special offers
  • A 90-day tracking period and repeat orders
  • Free shipping
  • Product data feeds, banner ads and text links
  • A great conversion rate
  • Live inventory


Ready to become a Superior Bidet affiliate?

Our affiliate program is hosted on ShareASale. Click the button below to apply to become our affiliate:


If you’re not already an affiliate on ShareASale, you can still register an affiliate account for free and apply to our program. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us any time at

[1] These include countries in Southern Europe (Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Greece and Turkey), the Middle East & North Africa and most of Asia, particularly South and Southeast.

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Free Delivery: Orders over $70 get free shipping.

Satisfaction Guaranteed. Hassle free 30-day money back guarantee.

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